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The 12 Children of George McCullough & Jennett (Thompson) McCullough

(And Grandchildren)

1.William McCullough

Birth: 5 Nov., 1805, Ireland

Death: 17 Nov., 1881, Republic Co., KS

Spouse: Jane Armstrong

Marriage: Chester Co., SC

Children of William McCullough & Jane Armstrong

1. Gennett M. - born in 1830

2. George - born in 1831

3. Isabelle J. - born in 1834

4. Margaret A. - born in 1837

5. Elizabeth - born in 1840

6. William - born in 1844

7. Sarah A. born in 1846



2. Jennett Mckee McCullough

Birth: 17 June, 1807, Chester Co., SC

Death: 26 Aug., 1859, Scott Co., IN

Spouse: James Bishop Murphy

Marriage; Chester Co., SC

Children of Jennett McKee McCullough & James Bishop Murphy

1. Martha Kennedy - born in 1831 - died in 1862

2. George - born in 1833 - died in 1911

3. Jennett Thompson - born in 1835 - died in 1904

4. John - born in 1838 - died in 1903

5. William - born in 1840 - died in 1912

6. James Young - born in 1843 - died in 1862

7. Mary Jane - born in 1845 - died in 1924

8. Samuel Harvey - born in 1851 - died in 1908


3. John McCullough

Birth: 25 Aug., 1809, Chester Co., SC

Death: 18 Nov., 1855, Wapello Co., IA

Spouse: Sarah Elliot

Marriage: 4 Jan., 1838, Scott Co., IN

NOTE: Reference notes from  "Strong and Allied Families by Virginia Draffin Waites (1980, Chester Co., SC", indicate that John lived in Indiana before moving to Ohio. By the 1860 Census, it appears that John's son, George, lived in Iowa with his uncle, George (the 2nd), and his grandfather, George Sr..

John (born-1809) could not have been in the party of 1858. He died in 1855 on a trip to Iowa. The John mentioned as being with the party of 1858 was not this John, born in 1809.

" When John was twenty years old, in 1829, with the consent of his father, he was apprenticed for fifteen months to Samuel Sullivan of South Carolina to learn the wheelwright trade, which at that time was a very important occupation. However, as the families decided to move to Indiana before his apprenticeship had expired he was bought off and recommended as a man of good character and qualified for full journeyman's wages and he moved to Indiana with his family. But soon after arriving in Indiana he went to Zenia, Ohio and worked at his trade for a year. He then returned to Scott County, and rented a shop that was in the yard of Charles Elliott, and went to work at his trade for himself. At that time that part of Indiana was pretty much a wilderness; there were only a few small cleared sections with log cabins on them."

"John also purchased a small farm near Little York, Indiana, and a tract of 160 acres of land on the prairies of Mahaska County, Iowa. John and some other men started overland with wagon a team to see this Iowa land in the fall of 1855, but John took sick with malaria fever and died before reaching his land. His family was notified of his illness and his brother James had time to reach him before he died. He died at the home of David Clark on Nov. 18, 1855." (Ref: Strong and Allied Families by Virginia Draffin Waites (1980, Chester Co., SC)

Children of John McCullough and Sarah Elliot

1.  Elizabeth - born in1839, died in1843.

2. George (the 3rd) - born in1840, died in 1926.

3. Charles - born in 1842, died in 1843.

4. William - born in 1842, died in 1926.

5. James - born in 1844, died in 1912.

4.James Young McCullough

Birth: 13 Oct., 1811, Chester Co., SC

Death: 20 Aug., 1883, Vienna, Scott Co., IN

On 9 Jan 1840, in Scott Co., IN., James Young  McCullough first married Rhoda Anne Smith, daughter of Daniel Smith, & Elizabeth Markwell -b.1790.

Spouse: Rhoda Anne Smith

Marriage: 9 Jan., 1840, Scott Co., IN

Rhoda was born on 25 Jul 1821 in Spencer Co., KY. Rhoda Anne died in Scott Co., IN, on 8 Dec 1849; she was 28.

Children of James Young McCullough & Rhoda Anne Smith

 1. George Daniel - Born in 1841 - Died in 1892

 2. Thompson - Born in 1843 - Died in 1931

 3. Elizabeth - Born in 1845 - Died in 1931

 4. Sarah Jane - Born in 1847 - Died in 1930

 5. John William - Born in 1849 - Died in 1899

2nd Spouse: Miranda Jane Markwell (of James Young McCullough)

Marriage: 18 April, 1850, Scott Co., IN

On 18 Apr 1850, in Scott Co., IN., James Young McCullough married Miranda Jane Markwell, daughter of Elias Markwell, (18 Dec 1777-23 Aug 1846) & Fanny Evans, (1787-).  Miranda was born on 22 Oct 1821 in Spencer Co., KY. Miranda Jane died in Scott Co., IN, on 30 Mar 1902; she was 80.

Miranda and Rhoda were cousins. ref: Nicholas database at WorldConnect - martynalisa@arkansas.net.

Other Information gives her birthdate different. See below:

"Death of Mrs. McCullough

Miranda Jane Markwell was born in Bullett County, KY., Oct. 12, 1821.  She married James Y. McCullough in 1850 at which time she came to Scott Co., Ind, settling near Vienna.  In 1862 they removed to the farm upon which she died.  She was the mother of two sons and four daughters and step-mother to five children, two of whom are dead. Of her own children one daughter is dead.  The remaining children and one step-daughter are here on this occasion.  Her husband died in 1883.  She joined the Baptist church while living in Kentucky at the age of 18, and remained a member until a few years ago when she united with the MT. Pleasant M.E. church, of which she was a member at the time of her death.

Mrs. McCullough had always been a woman of strong constitution and enjoyed good health.  A week ago Sunday about two o'clock in the night she was taken with a chill and pneumonia soon developed from which she never rallied, passing away about the same hour one week from the time she was taken sick.  Aged 80 years,, 5 months and 18 days.  She was a good woman, loved by family and neighbors.  Large funeral from MT. Pleasant M.E. church, interment in the cemetery adjoining the church.  Rev. E. I. LaRue conducted the funeral."

James Young McCullough & Miranda Jane Markwell had the following children:

1. James Hooper - Born in 1851 - Died in 1913

2. Rhoda Ann - Born in 1851 - Died in 1873

3. Mary Frances - Born in 1854 - Died unknown

4. Margaret Isabel - Born in 1857 - Died in 1945

5. Flora Eliza - Born in 1862 - Died in 1952

6. Oliver Howard - Born in 1864 - Died in 1941


5. Margaret McCullough

Birth: 30 Oct., 1813, Chester Co., SC

Spouse: James Gardner - born, 19 Mar., 1805

Marriage: 21 Nov., 1832, Scott Co., IN




Margaret and James Gardner had 5 sons:

1. George McCullough Gardner - born in 1834 - married, Lydia Davis.

2. James Peter Gardner - born in 1836 -  married, Eliza Hazzard.

3. Robert S. Gardner - born in 1838 - died in 1865 - enlisted in the Civil War and died from measles.

4. John W. Gardner - born in 1843 - enlisted in the Civil War, was imprisoned in Libby Prison. Died, after he was released and sent home.

5. Loretta Gardner- born in 1849

6. Thompson Gardner - born in 1864 - died in 1885. married Ella Garriott.


6. Elizabeth McCullough

Birth: abt., 1815, Chester Co., SC

Death: abt., 1816, Chester Co., SC


7. Elizabeth McCullough    (second child named Elizabeth, after the death of the infant listed above)

Birth: 24 May, 1817, Chester Co., SC - Died, July, 1889, in Pickering, Mo..

Spouse: George Ludwell Ringo - born, 14 Oct., 1807. Died, 19 Jul., 1879, in Pickering, Mo..

Marriage: 14 Dec., 1837, Scott Co., IN

Elizabeth and George are buried in Coleman Cemetery, Pickering, MO.


8. Sarah J. McCullough    *****  (This is the direct bloodline to this Ulmer Family) *****

Birth: 13 Sept., 1819, Chester Co., SC

Spouse: Thomas G. Ulmer     (For more information on this couple and their descendants click here)

Marriage: 21 March, 1839, Scott Co., IN


9Margaret (Mary) Jane McCullough

Birth: 12 June, 1822, Chester Co., SC

Jane died in Carthage, Hancock Co., IL, on 4 Dec 1901; she was 79.

(NOTE: She moved to IL with brother William & family.)

Spouse: George William Weir

Marriage: 26 Sept., 1839, Scott Co., IN

George William was born 12 March, 1819 in Washington Co., Indiana. He died in Hancock Co., IL, on 26 Mar 1886; He was the son of George William Weir, born on15 Jul 1788, died 31 Dec 1845, and Margaret Gardner, born on 20 May 1788, died 6 Sep 1868.

Margaret Jane McCullough and George W. Wier had these Children:

1. Margaret Jane - born in1840 in Indiana, died 1917.

2. Gennett T. - born in1842 in Indiana, died in 1917.

3. George J. - born in1844 in Indiana, died in 1863.

4. Sarah E. - born in1847 in Indiana, died in 1924.


10. Mary Isabelle McCullough

Birth: 29 March, 1824, Chester Co., SC

Death: 6 April, 1846, Vienna, Scott Co., IN

Spouse: John J. Wier

(may have been a brother or cousin to George William Wier, husband to above listed Margaret Jane McCullough)

Marriage: 22 Jan., 1846, Scott Co., IN 


11. George (the 2nd) McCullough

Birth: 3 July, 1826, Chester Co., SC 

(The 1860 Census indicates he was born in 1822-23- The 1880 Census list him as born in 1827)

On Oct. 15, 1850 when George was 24, he married Sarah Ann McKee, daughter of John McKee, (Aug 1783-17 Dec 1868) & Nancy Wilson, (Aug 1789-21 Mar 1863), in Preble Co., OH.. By 1852, this couple had moved to Indiana, where their first child, John McCullough (Sr.) was born in 1852.

Spouse: Sarah Ann Mckee

Born on Mar. 1, 1827 in Todd Co., KY. Sarah Ann McKee McCullough died in Page Co., Iowa, on Sept. 22, 1915; she was 87. Buried in the "Old" Grove Cemetery, Page Co. IA. (The 1860 Census indicates she was born in 1830, in Ohio. I believe this to be in error, and that she was born in 1827 in Todd Co., KY.. Sarah and George's headstone clearly states that Sarah was born on Nov. 1, 1827. The "Nov." indication is in conflict with the reports of "Mar." as being the correct month of her birth; see the photo of the headstone from the link provided below.))

Birth: Mar. 1, 1827, Todd Co., Kentucky

Death: Sept. 22, 1915, Page Co., Iowa

Married: Oct. 15, 1850, Preble, Ohio

A photo of George Jr. and Sarah's headstone is available here

Children of George Jr. McCullough and Sarah A. McKee

1. John Mckee McCullough - born in1852, in Indiana. Died, 1926. John had 9 children, 5 daughters and 4 sons. The obituary for one of his sons, John Jr., is available here.

2. Margaret Isabella McCullough - born in 1854, in Indiana. Died, 1946

3. George Andrew  McCullough - born in 1856, in Indiana. Died, 1943

4. Nannie J. McCullough - born in 1858, in Iowa. (1860 Census list her as "Elen", 1880 Census list her as "Nannie J.")

5. Matthew Wilson McCullough - born in 1861 in Iowa. Died, 1862

6. Martha Elizabeth McCullough - born in 1863, in Iowa. Died, 1941. (1880 Census list her as "Lizzie")

7. James William McCullough - born in 1865, in Iowa. Died, 1943

8. Joseph McCullough - born in 1868, in Iowa. Died (unknown) Married Minnie Dallas Johnson, born Mar. 9, 1868, daugther of Rufus E. Johnson. Minnie died Dec. 12, 1952, in College Springs, Iowa. She is buried in Maple Hill Cemetery.

9. Mary McCullough - born in 1870 in Iowa. Died, 1908

NOTE: George (the 2nd) and Sarah A. McKee were part of the family members in the group that moved to Iowa with George Sr. in 1858.

Photos of the McCullough family are rare. A few photos of John McKee McCullough's children are available


12. Robert McCullough

Birth: 30 July, 1828, Chester Co., SC

Death: 13 Jan., 1901, Vienna, Scott Co., IN

Spouse: Emma E. Hildebrandt - born, Nov. 1, 1827.

Married: 11 June, 1869.

NOTE: Robert McCullough, and his bother George (2nd) made the trip from Indiana to Iowa with George Sr. McCullough's party of 1858. By the death records it would appear that he returned to Vienna, Scott Co., Indiana prior to his death in 1901  - (ref. Margaret Isabella Reid and Martha Elizabeth Fraquhar, sisters and g granddaughters of George Sr. McCullough. They compiled some of the family's history.)

A long with the above note, I need to point out that in 1860, a George McCullough (age 22) was living in the household of George the 2nd, as well as George Sr. (age 70). I believe this 3rd George to be of another generation down, and the son of John McCullough, brother to George (2nd).  (see the above notes under "John McCullough" for more information about this.)

Robert and Emma had the following children:

1. Benjamin Franklin

2. Isabella - married, Nick Harbold.

3. Janie

4. George

5. Calvin



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